Alexander Technique in Rhode Island
Alexander Technique Lessons

An Alexander Lesson lasts for approximately 45 minutes. Using verbal instruction and very gentle guidance with my hands, I will teach you how to recognize and prevent old habitual tension. You will learn to redirect your activity so that you can move with more freedom and ease. We all learn at our own pace. However, my experience has been that most students feel results after the first few lessons, and have an effective understanding of the Technique after ten to fifteen lessons.

Mary's Farm

"Everyone wants to be right, but no one stops
to consider if their idea of right is right."

- F.M. Alexander

An Alexander Technique Lesson will teach you how to:

  • Relieve or reduce chronic pain
  • Improve breathing and vocal production
  • Move with greater ease
  • Reduce stress
  • Live more fully
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Mary Derbyshire, M.AmSAT

Teacher of the
Alexander Technique

Private Lessons
Little Compton, RI