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Mary Derbyshire
Mary Derbyshire, M.AmSAT

About Me

My first exposure to the Technique came when I was 20 years old, studying theatre in London. Self conscious and nervous, I often times felt un-coordinated and ill at ease. The Technique taught me how to be more confident and clear thinking.

While pursuing my acting career I began to experience acute neck and back pain. I returned to the Technique and immediately found relief. It was at this point that I decided to become a teacher.

That was nearly 20 years ago. Today I am married, with three children, two dogs, and a barn full of horses. I am an avid rider. I encourage all of my Alexander students to enjoy the serenity of Willow Farm.

Mary's Farm

Pronunciation: \käm, kälm, kam, kô(l)m\
Function: noun
Ultimately from Old Spanish calma, from Late Latin cauma
heat, from Greek kauma, from kaiein to burn
Date: 14th century
a state of tranquility

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Mary Derbyshire, M.AmSAT

Teacher of the
Alexander Technique

Private Lessons
Little Compton, RI



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